Current courses

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • I am currently leading an informal reading/working group on the use of phylogenetic comparative methods to study evolutionary and ecological systems and questions. I hope to make this a formal course in the future (contact me for more details).

Previous course history

Stanford University

GS 4: Coevolution of Earth and Life
  • Head teaching assistant, lecturer
GS 123/223: Paleobiology/Evolution of Marine Ecosystems
  • Teaching assistant, in charge of lab sections
  • Developed and taught a new lab curriculum focused on hands-on learning with fossil specimens and statistical programming exercises (available upon request)
GS 128/228: Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Head teaching assistant, revised lab exercises that I co-developed during the previous year, co-taught lab sections
  • Co-developed and co-taught a new lab curriculum focused on hands-on learning with zoological and paleontological specimens and data analysis exercises (available upon request)