William Gearty

Evolutionary Paleobiologist

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
American Museum of Natural History


I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History, where I study the factors that governed the diversification of marine reptiles during the Mesozoic Era. More broadly, I am interested in the biotic and abiotic contraints and drivers of taxonomic and functional diversity as our planet has changed through time. I integrate paleontological and neontological tools to investigate the evolution of various biological systems through time and test hypotheses regarding the constraints and drivers of that evolution.

Right now, I'm interested in:


Sep 12, 2022 I’ve moved to New York! I’m now a Postdoc at the American Museum of Natural History!
Sep 01, 2019 I’ve moved to Nebraska! I’m now a Postdoc at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with Dr. Kate Lyons!

selected publications

  1. Our past creates our present: a brief overview of racism and colonialism in Western paleontology
    Pedro M. Monarrez, Joshua B. Zimmt, Annaka M. Clement, William Gearty, John J. Jacisin, Kelsey M. Jenkins, Kristopher M. Kusnerik, Ashley W. Poust, Selina V. Robson, Judith A. Sclafani, Kelsey T. Stilson, Shamindri D. Tennakoon, and Carmi Milagros Thompson
    Paleobiology, 48(2), 173–185
  2. Anthropogenic disruptions to longstanding patterns of trophic-size structure in vertebrates
    Rob Cooke*, William Gearty*, Abbie S. A. Chapman, Jillian Dunic, Graham J. Edgar, Jonathan S. Lefcheck, Gil Rilov, Craig R. McClain, Rick D. Stuart-Smith, S. Kathleen Lyons, and Amanda E. Bates
    Nature Ecology & Evolution, 6, 684–692
  3. palaeoverse: A community-driven R package to support palaeobiological analysis
    Lewis A. Jones, William Gearty, Bethany J. Allen, Kilian Eichenseer, Christopher D. Dean, Sofía Galván, Miranta Kouvari, Pedro L. Godoy, Cecily S. C. Nicholl, Lucas Buffan, Erin M. Dillon, Joseph T. Flannery-Sutherland, and Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza
    Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 14(9), 2205-2215
  4. rphylopic: An R package for fetching, transforming, and visualising PhyloPic silhouettes
    William Gearty and Lewis A. Jones
    Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 14(11), 2700-2708